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Have A Problem  With Your Renault Key Card?

Autonomy Auto Keys & Locksmiths Offers A Same Day Repairs Service.

Here at Autonomy Auto Keys & Locksmiths we supply & program Genuine or OEM key cards same day service.

Here at Autonomy Auto Keys & Locksmiths, we specialize in repairing Renault Key Cards as well

There are many common faults with this type of key card for example:

   > Card Not Detected

   > Lock/Unlock Button Not Working

   > Casing Damage

   > Intermittent Faults

We repair your key card at a fraction of the price it would cost you to replace it. offering you a same day repair service, so you will be sorted in no time.

PLUS!!! If we can't repair it, you pay nothing.

Come and visit us in shop or Call us today and we will come to you.

For free quotation on our repairs and replacement services, get in touch today.